State Units
State Units
S.No. Particulars Latest update
1. Name of the NSF/Organisation WUSHU ASSOCIATION OF INDIA
2. Date of Last Election held alongwith the details of the electoral college of the said election -25-03-2015-
3. Details of recognition of International /Asian Body (Copy of letter to be posted) - Affialated with International Wushu Federation and Asian Wushu Federation
4. Name and Contact details of office bearers Link
5. Details of ACTC for the year Link
6. Annual Audited Accounts for last 3 financial years along balance sheet (As audited by CA in CAG’s Panel) Note: Annual report of preceding year to be uploaded by 1st October of the current year. Link
7, Name and contact details of the firm which audited accountsPUNJAB Sharma Rajeev & Co., Chartered Accountant, 35, Shivaji Road, Meerut (UP)- 250001
8. Copy of Valid registration certificate of the Federation Link
9. Constitution of the Organisation/NSFs Link
10. Affiliation criteria of State/UT/Clubs units alongwith details of voting rights of each unit. One State/UTone affiliation. 2 votes from each State/UT. No voting right to Institution/Boards.
11. Name of the affiliated units with their registration numbers Link
12. Name and contact details of President & Secretary of affiliated units Link
13. Details of National championships conducted during the current calendar year 1. Sub-Junior National Wushu Championship at LP Professional University, Phagwara

2. Junior National Wushu Championship at Namakal, Tamilnadu.

3. Senior National Wushu Championship at Shillong.

4. Federation Cup at LP University, Phagwara
14 Calendar for National & Zonal championship to be held during current /next calendar year alongwith venue Shall be Finalized In comming AGM For the session 2019-20
15. Details in respect of international events abroad and held in India

(i) List of core probable and basis of their selection.
(ii) Details of coaching camps organized including venue, dates and List of Participants.
(iii) Notification of selectin criteria for such events at least 6 months in advance alongwith the details of time and venue for selection
(iv) List of the athletes selected.
(iv) List of the athletes selected.
(v) List of the athletes, support personnel and other officials sent to the event alongwith the amount paid to them towards air fare, boarding and lodging, local transportation, daily allowance et. This is required to be placed on the website within 15 days of conclusion of the event.
(vi) Performance criteria which formed the basis of selection, actual performance in terms of timing, distance, etc. and the position obtained by each athlete/ team.
16. List of I cards issued to National Athletes with Name of athlete, I Card No. and validity date Under Construction
17. The details of certificates issued by the NSFs to the participants such as the name of the athlete, date of event, position obtained by the athlete etc. Under Construction
18. Action taken by the NSF for prevention of age fraud No case detected. Hence no action
19. Notifying / updating the present selection Committee for national athletes President- Chairman, General Secretary- Member National Chief Coach- Member International Player- Member International Judge (Taolu) Member Interntional judge (Sanda)-Member
20. Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA/NADA code alongwith details of cases found positive during the last calendar year and action taken thereon Inviting NADA Team during our all National championships and updating /educating the players about dope by organising seminars. No case detected by NADA.
21 Details (amount and source) of funds received from other sources, including private sponsors, public sector undertakings, State Govt. etc. Audited Statement for the last 3 years uploaded under section “Documents” Link
22. Revenue generated by the NSF on its own Audited Statement for the last 3 years uploaded under section "Documents" Link
23. Date on which the website was last updated 15/02/2019
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