Calendar of Event
Events 2013-2014
S NO National Championship Venue / Month
1. Sanshou Cup 2013 1st to 4th Oct 2013, Shillong
2. 13th Sub Junior National Wushu Championship 18th to 232rd Oct 2013, Bagalkot, Karnatka
3. 12th Junior National Wushu Championship 26th to 31st Dec 2013, Imphal, Manipur
4. 22nd Senior National Wushu Championship 6th to 10th Feb 20145, Jaipur, Rajasthan
5. 2nd Federation Cup Jammu, J& K
S NO Zonal Championship Venue / Month
1. Central Zone Championship Haryana
2. North Zone Wushu Championship Himachal Pradesh
3. Wesh Zone Wushu Championship Gujrat
4. South Zone Wushu Championship Kerala
5. East Zone Wushu Championship W B
6. North East Zone Wushu Championship Arunachal Pradesh
S NO All India Wushu Judges / Coaches Seminar Venue / Month
1. All India Wushu Judges Seminar 5th July to 9th July 2013, NIS, Patiala
2. All India Wushu Coaches Seminar 5th July to 15th July 2013, NIS, Patiala
S NO State Level Activities Venue / Month
1. Orgnized By different state barnch as per their
convenience i.e. Sub junior / senior championship / judges and coaches seminar.
Date will be finalized by state units
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