WUSHU is a traditional Chinese Sports which pay attention to both internal and external exercises with fighting movements as its main contents and with routine exercises and free combat as its forms.
WUSHU a time honored sports in China, traces back to as early as the time of the clan commune in primitive societies. At that time there appeared the "XI" (Sports) of Jiaodi (Wrestling) and the "WU" ( dance or exercise) of Ganqui ( axe and Shield) These are the earliest embryos of WUSHU, which served as means to build up health, cure diseases, prolong life, temper the fighting and will train military skills for the members of these societies.

This primitive Martial Arts has an unbroken Chain of evolution from the beginning of China's Five thousand years old history, till today. Between, the 3rd and 6th Centuries A.D., WUSHU came under the influence of Buddhism and Taoism, which elevated it from the position of a warrior art into a deeply meditative art form.

During the period of Republic China (1912-1949) in 1928 the central WUSHU Institute was established in Nanjing by the Republic Government and WUSHU has become a component of the socialist culture and the people's physical education and sports and has developed spectacularly. The rest of the world recognised WUSHU for the first time when the Chinese team gave demonstration in the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Since then, it has spread like wild fire across the world.

WUSHU first came in India in 1989 with the efforts made by Late Sri Anand Kacker by formation of WUSHU ASSOCIATION OF INDIA and gaining its popularity day by day with its thirty five units in all over India and approval from the Govt., of India, the Olympic Committee and military, Para military forces.
WUSHU can be classified into two major Categories. Sanshou and Taolou
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