TAOLU : Routine exercises - WUSHU routines, practiced either bare handed or with weapons, involving various combination of attack and defence, advance and retreat, dynamic and static state, quickness and slowness, toughness and softness, solidity and emptiness etc.
The bare handed exercises involved different type of forms including Tia-Chi which has proved its efficiency in treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, pulmonary tuber-colossis, heart disease, headache, backache and also helps in reducing fat.
The weapons exercises involved broad sword, short sword, spear, cudgel etc.  
There are six basic characteristics in WUSHU.
i)     Incorporation of toughness with softness for mental stability.
ii)    Co-ordination of internal and external (mind and body) activities.
iii)   The generation and control of qi or chi the internal energy.
iv)    Stressing inner energy.
v)     Continuous and uninterrupted movement of chi.
vi)    Correct and exact combat techniques.
The regular practice of WUSHU produce beneficial effects not only on the muscles and bodies but also on the nervous, respiratory and cardio vascular systems. That is why WUSHU is widely recommended as a effective means of keeping fit.
The Practical attacking and defending techniques of WUSHU can be employed effectively for Self-defense.
WUSHU is also a performing art and many WUSHU movements are incorporated into modern dance, dramas, the ballet and gymnastics.
Taolou           (One bare-hand & One Apparatus routine) for all age group
Male Female
1. Nanquan, Nandao or Nangun 1. Nanquan, Nandao or Nangun
2. Changquan, Daoshu or Gunshu 2. Changquan, Jianshu or Qiangshu
3. Taijiquan, Taijijian 3. Taijiquan, Taijijian
4. Changquan, Jianshu or quiangshu 4. Changquan, Daoshu or Gunshu
5. Dual Event 5. Dual Event 
1 Manual Display Cards
2 Playing Equipments
  A.  Broad Sword
  B.  Straight Sword
  C.  Taiji Sword
  D.  Nandao (Heavy Sword)
  E.  Qiangshu (Spear)
  F.  Gunshu (Stick)
  G.  Nangun (Heavy Stick)
3 Spring Board
4 Arena
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